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Games Produced


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Fury Strike 80's Beatdown
Genre: Fighting
Role: 3D Artist | Game Designer | Motion Capture Actor 

A Full Sail University student project of a Retro 80's fighting game in collaboration with Rooster Teeth. This game has old-school looks and controls, take control of multiple characters and throw down with exciting attacks all done via motion capture! 

2021-09-11 01_35_16-GAMES _ fenby.png
Genre: Abstract Strategy
Role: Producer

Strategic 4 is a new spin on connect 4 with new abilities and tricks. Use bombs to destroy your opponent's chips and wood to set elaborate traps. Play multiple games at once with your friends online! 

2021-09-11 01_43_53-GAMES _ fenby.png
Genre: Real Time Tactical

Role: Level Design | Gameplay Balancing

A fantasy squad base game with exciting and fast-paced gameplay. Take control of unique magical characters to defeat your enemies and expand your territory.

2021-09-11 01_50_38-GAMES _ fenby.png
Trading Company
Genre: Strategy | Trading
Role: Producer

Take control of a custom-made trading company in the harsh wild west against rival companies and hostile environments. Hire staff, create caravans, and complete missions for resources all while trying to not go bankrupt.

Level Design & Mods


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3D Modeling

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